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PARENT-TO-PARENT COACHING ™ -- Help for struggling adoptive and foster parents . . .

Updated: Apr 27

For us adoptive and foster parents, there will inevitably be challenging periods in our parenting journeys. These challenges can vary from behavioral to developmental, or to an issue that involves a day-to-day struggle with our child. Our stress level rises. Our “frustration fuse” grows shorter and shorter. We begin second-guessing ourselves, possibly even wondering if we should have adopted or fostered in the first place. We may even find ourselves still loving our child, but not liking him/her anymore because of his/her behaviors. And particularly, for those of us who have adopted, we may feel that “we should be able to handle this problem ourselves” without outside help. But we know inside that we are running out of energy and ideas. Where do we turn?

Adoptive Family Resources ™ can help. Dr. Mark Andrews has developed a brief, practical, and affordable intervention called Parent-to-Parent Coaching. ™ As a previous child & adolescent therapist for nearly three decades, and as an adoptive Dad since 1994, Dr. Andrews has a unique “both worlds perspective” on the parenting challenges experienced by adoptive and foster parents. The parenting challenges that adoptive and foster Moms and Dads face are most definitely unique, and Dr. Andrews understands that uniqueness. Along with drawing on his own personal and professional experience, Dr. Andrews is also a trained TBRI® (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) Practitioner and a Certified Crisis Prevention/Intervention (CPI) Trainer.

Dr. Andrews can provide confidential Parent-to-Parent Coaching ™ in-person in your home (if you live within 30 minutes of his office in Newnan, GA) or virtually, via Zoom. He has provided this service virtually for parents from New Mexico to Florida. He also currently provides this service for two large foster care organizations in the metro-Atlanta area, as well as with individual families via independent referrals through his website:, and through word-of-mouth/personal referrals. As part of Parent-to-Parent Coaching, ™ Dr. Andrews can—in many cases—assist parents in connecting with other needed services in their area such as testing psychologists, psychiatrists (for medication issues), and longer-term licensed child and family therapists.

Would you like to know more about Parent-to-Parent Coaching ™ ? Feel free to contact Dr. Andrews at his website listed above, or via email You can also text him at 530-210-7722.

Adoptive and foster parenting is a huge responsibility—you need a trusted “village of support” behind you. Parent-to-Parent Coaching ™ is happy to be part of your “village”. Feel free to contact Dr. Andrews today!


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