Dr. Andrews' credentials reflect 10 years in academia as a professor, 30 years as a family counselor,  and over 25 years living through his own journey as an adoptive parent. His services bring the realities of adoption and foster care to the forefront bound by a spirit of humankind in a way that encourages new ways of thinking and problem solving.
Although Dr. Andrews is well versed in the pre-adoptive phase, he has the unique distinction of helping families through the challenging months and years of post-adoption.




Coaching involves Dr. Andrews meeting with adoptive or foster parents for a brief period of time

to assist with troubleshooting 

parenting challenges unique to adoptive and foster families.  Coaching is not therapy, but instead provides practical “tools for their toolbox.”  Coaching can focus on such issues as behavior challenges, loss and grief, multicultural challenges and trauma-informed parenting techniques. 

Pre Adoptive Coaching - Offers guidance to individuals, parents and children going through the adoptive process for the first time.



Coaching also involves referring parents and their children to other qualified professionals such as licensed therapists, occupational therapists, testing psychologists

and psychiatrists.


Locating supportive  contacts and suport groups in the area.


Seminars are offered covering a variety

of topics related to adoptive and foster families, tailored to address specific audiences and needs.  Whether Dr. Andrews is speaking to a small group of parents/adoptees, a classroom of service providers or an auditorium of seasoned practitioners, his delivery will be on point covering pre- and post-adoptive issues.


Examples of topics include:

  • Family preparation for adopting a child

  • Dealing with the effects of trauma and institutional (orphanage) living, loss and grief, attachment issues, multiculturalism and adjustment to a new culture

  • Parent self-care

  • How and when to seek help

  • How to choose a competent

       adoption agency


Support Groups are a great opportunity to connect with other parents and adoptees who share

the same experiences, struggles, etc.  Some of our groups are also open

to individuals and couples contemplating adopting or fostering.  Group time frame is

60  to 90 minutes, usually held in

the evenings.

Participants under age 18 require a permission form from their parents to attend an adoptee support group.  All groups are strictly confidential.  Due to the Mandated Reporter Law, confidentiality is broken  (in the groups where attendees are under age 18) only in cases where abuse or neglect are reported, or the child reports thoughts or attempts of self-harm.

*Currently AFR support groups are limited geographically to the South-Metro area of Atlanta, GA.

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For Customized Training Inquiries

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Below is a list of trainings and workshops topics that Dr. Andrews can tailor to your particular need, group size, and type. Pricing is developed based on organizational expectations, desired training outcomes, specific training needs, group makeup, and time requirements.

  • The Impact of Trauma on Brain Development

  • Creative Discipline for Adopted and Foster Children

  • From Fear to Trust:  Helping our Children Acclimate to their New Home and Surroundings

  • The Impact of Trauma on Attachment  & Bonding:  Strategies for Parents and Caregivers

  • The Impact of Loss and Grief on Attachment:  Helping Parents to Recognize and Respond

  • Take Care of Yourself! -- Self-Care and Stress Management Strategies for Adoptive and Foster Parents

  • "Eyes Wide Open":  Transracial & Intercountry Adoption and Parenting

  • Identity Formation in Intercountry Adoptees:  Parental Awareness and Responses

  • The Origins and Developmental Issues Related to Attachment Challenges

  • TRUST-BASED RELATIONAL INTERVENTION (TBRI)  ( For Parents/Caregivers or Child Professionals/Caseworkers)

Training/ Workshop Topics


“Meeting monthly at the Chick-fil-A Support Center with other adoptive and foster parents under Mark’s direction has been such a great experience!  It is comforting to know you are not the only one experiencing certain issues, and it is also nice to be encouraged by other like-minded individuals.  I look forward to each time we get together!” 

- Erica, adoptive mom of four siblings from the U.S.

“I deeply value the thoughtfulness, wisdom and grace one senses in Mark’s presence, and observes as he engages tough issues.  He brings a wealth of real-world experiences, both professional and personal, to any discussion of how to best nurture and aid the healing journey of children who’ve experienced great adversity.” 

- Jedd Medefind,  President Christian Alliance for Orphans

“Mark is an incredible resource to adoptive families from both a professional and personal standpoint.  He has led trainings for our Crossroads foster and adoptive parents, and they have enjoyed the passion and wealth of knowledge that he brings to this field.   I am excited to see how he and Adoptive Family Resources will continue to positively impact the lives of more children and families!” 

- Michaela Guthrie, LMSW, Program Executive, Crossroads Foster and Adoption, Union City, GA

“Mark and Adoptive Family Resources is a valuable resource for both pre- and post-adoptive families, to find help and answers for themselves as parents and for their children to better understand their own life challenges as they move forward together.” 

Anna Belle Illien, veteran adoptive parent and Founder/Director of Illien Adoptions International, Atlanta, GA

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