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  • Family Preparation 

  • Effects of Trauma and Loss

  • Attachment Issues

  • Multiculturalism

  • Parent Self-care

  • Seeking Help

  • Choosing an Agency

Training and workshops are offered covering a variety of topics related to adoptive and foster families, tailored to address specific audiences and needs.  Whether Dr. Andrews is speaking to 

a small group of parents/adoptees, a classroom of service providers, or an auditorium of seasoned practitioners,

his delivery will be on point covering

pre- and post-adoptive issues.


Examples of topics include:

  • Family preparation for adopting a child

  • Dealing with the effects of trauma and institutional (orphanage) living, loss and grief, attachment issues, multiculturalism, and adjustment to a new culture

  • Parent self-care

  • How and when to seek help

  • How to choose a competent

       adoption agency

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