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"What Others are Saying”

Homework Help

Training Session
“The Impact of Trauma on Brain Development”

“I attended Dr. Andrews’ training on “The Impact of Trauma on Brain Development”.  The training was very informative, the agenda was relaxed and Dr. Andrews allowed for conversation and questions throughout.  I also felt that the shared experiences of the other foster parents was very helpful and validating.  Dr. Andrews’ knowledge, along with the resources he shared will definitely be helpful in my future placements.”

“We really enjoyed our training on “The Impact of Trauma on Brain Development.” We appreciate the fact that you made your class simple and easy to understand for anyone.”

Training Session
“Self-Care for Foster Parents”

“I appreciated the training on “Self-Care for Foster Parents”. It helped me to understand that it is okay to take care of myself, and coming to terms with the need to care for myself in order to be able to care for others.”

Doing Homework

“In the Self-Care for Foster Parents training,
Dr. Andrews provided great insight into identifying when you need self-care.  It was very informative and eye-opening into recognizing areas of need for self-care.”

"During the Self-Care for Foster Parents training, Dr. Andrews’ illustration from flying on a plane was most  helpful—(If the oxygen masks are deployed on a plane in an emergency, it is critical for the parent place her mask on first before assisting her children.  In the same way, parents must put on their “oxygen mask” of self-care in order to effectively help their child who is struggling.)

‘What was most helpful to me in this training was learning about how to identify “red flags” and not feeling guilty about caring
for myself.”

Parent-to-Parent Coaching
“Parent Support”

"Meeting with Dr.Andrews for Parent-to-Parent Coaching has been very helpful and encouraging as we navigate the unique challenges of foster parenting.  He has given us some great insight into our foster children, which has better equipped us to meet their needs and aid in their healing process.  We've found Dr. Andrews' knowledge, experience and wisdom to be a fantastic resource for us."  

"I am a single father raising a delightful, yet challenging special needs daughter, adopted from China.  Adoptive Family Resources has always been a willing and reliable source of counsel, information, referrals and encouragement for me.  Dr. Andrews is selfless and clearly loves his work.  We are blessed to have access to his experience and wisdom.”   - John, Adoptive Dad                                                                                           

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